I love Books! / I ♥ Books! by Candlelight

This design with its folded pages to create the ♥ in "I love books" is filled with warm golds, yellows, and browns, making it the perfect for a bibliophile.About the Design:

Love Books?  Love Books by Candlelight? Then this design is custom made for you!

The Design shows a book with folded pages to create a heart which is the center of the text which reads “I ♥ books” or “I love books” or “I ‘heart’ books”

The  warm yellows and golds in the design, it evokes the feeling of being next to a warm fire on a chilly day or a room.  What better way to warm the heart than seeing a room filled with books by candlelight.

This is a wonderful design for book lovers, teachers, librarians, and anyone who has ever curled up with a good book.

 (c2014 TxCowboyDancer Designs)
(Design incorporates an image licensed under CC 3.0 from jamarmstrong on flickr.com)


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