ballewiener – Dancing Dachsund

Create a customized gift with this wonderful Dancing Dachshund DesignAbout the Design:

Every time I see this design I smile.  It is just so CUTE!


In fact when I first saw it, I burst out laughing.  Ya gotta love it.  It is just so corny, it’s cute. 

It is a BALLET-Weiner-Dog


Yes, I admit it. — I LLOL — Literally Laughed Out Loud.

How can you NOT love this cute little Dachsund all dressed up for its moment on the stage?  


This design, created by Weiner Tales, is a perfect gift for either a Dachshund lover or a ballet lover.  Available on over a 126 different styles of t-shirts, jackets, and polos for men, women, boys, and girls you can choose from hundreds of shirt colors.  You can even personalize it to create a gift uniquely your own.

Any Doxie fan who loves dance and ballet will love this Dancing Dachshund Design!

Design by Wiener Tales

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