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About Me - self portraitHi, my name is Tony New and pretty much every “i” and every “t” on this website is put here by lil’ ole’ me, so I guess that makes me the “Author”

For the record, this “About Me” page is quick and dirty and here mainly so that I can comply with Google’s new “Authorship” program where a cute photo of me shows up next to my stuff when you Google it.


Since you’re here, I guess I should say “something” about Moi.

Talk to me longer than 5 minutes and you’ll learn I love to dance & I’m working to transform myself into a fit, healthy, self-employed writer, graphic designer, and dance instructor.

I’m a 8-time UCWDC Country Dance World Champion; I teach Line Dance, both group classes and privates. I have an Associates and a Bachelors of Arts in Theater, and a Masters of Library Science.

This storefront came about as an outgrowth of my interest in dance.  I created a design for a dance friend of mine and… well the rest is history!

It started out completely focused on dance, hence the name, but now it incorporates pretty much anything that catches my fancy.

If you would like to learn more about me
or follow my journey to health, fitness, and financial stability, I invite you to visit my blog at [www.txcowboydancer.com]

5-6-7-8: Dancing My Way to a Healthy Me!
See ya on the Dance Floor!

If you would like to help me out on that journey,
you could either buy some of the awesome designs
here in this storefront

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